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Related post: Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 06:30:05 -0800 From: Owen Wright Subject: Redefining Normal Chapter 5Redefining Normal By Owen WrightHi guys, this is the fourth chapter in what I hope will be a very long series following the journey of Kasey, the narrator, as he learns to redefine the concepts that construct his world.The disclaimer: There will preteen asian nudwes be sex in this series, and although it will most likely be sparse, those 18 and younger, as well as those who shouldn't be reading this for whatever reason, please stay away for your own good. The characters are purely fictional, any relation to actual people/stories is absolute bull shit. I'm serious.Author's note:Please, enjoy the series, and if you want to contact me, please do so at I'd love to hear your comments, and although I'd rather not hear any harsh criticisms, I'd be more than happy to accept constructive ones. I apologize for the sporadic postings but I look forward to your emails so even if you haven't read a chapter in a while I hope you can get back into the chemal photo preteen flow of things and let me know what you think. Thanks guys! Chapter 5: James Pays His Dad a Visit"So what's up with you and this Orion kid?" Keith asked casually as he benched an easy set of 15 reps below me, trapping me with his green eyes so I had no choice but to answer truthfully."I don't know," I tried to preteen model tube rack my brain for the answers underage russian preteens as I spotted him. We were lifting in Dad's home gym, something I started doing when Keith moved in, and was horn pussy preteen still trying to get used to. He was much more muscular than I was, having started lifting his freshman year for the football team; rippling with great definition, his body was a thing of tanned beauty, and a solid source of inspiration for myself."I think he's really cool. preteen porno underground I like him just as much as my other friends."Keith sat cp preteen bikinis up and leaned on the bar with his large forearms, veins coursing under taut skin. He straddled the bench in his preteen nude images loose blue basketball shorts as a puzzled, yet playful expression tugged at the corners of his mouth."Cool? That's it? You didn't seem to just think he was preteen bodies naked cool Friday night."He knew about what happened?"You waited almost a week to say something?" I asked, feigning anger, but quickly switching to a more serious tone, "how much did you preteen cp nymphet see?""A lot of shoulder rubbing, smiles, and pretty much flat-out flirting. Same thing I've been seeing all week," he replied coolly."We were working on our project," I remarked offhandedly as I changed the setting on the bowflex machine and started working my biceps, "it's due tomorrow so it's kind of important."I watched as they contracted and released, my thin figure allowing them to stand out, despite their rather tiny size."So I'm guessing I'll be seeing lover boy tonight, too?" he modelling preteens chuckled as he leaned coolly on the machine, short brown hair gleaming with sweat."Well we do have to practice our presentation. Make sure we have all the kinks worked out, that kind of important, business-like stuff," he arched his eyebrow, so I added quickly, "which has nothing to do with flirting," trying to child preteens zoo convince myself as well."Okay, but honestly. Do you think you might have feelings for this guy?" He asked seriously."I don't know. I don't want to, that's for sure.""What do you mean, you don't want to? It isn't a matter of what you want, it's what you feel, right here," he poked me in the chest pointedly, "I hate to break it to you, little bro, but you don't get to choose who you fall for. That's why they call it falling. It's kind of unexpected.""Look, Keith. Just because you're gay doesn't mean I am, too. Maybe it's genetic or whatever but have you ever thought that maybe we're just good friends? I don't want to be gay, okay? So can we just drop it?"I didn't mean to have an outburst like that but the words just came pouring out, like all of it was just waiting underage angels preteen to come out and what with the anxiety of Orion coming over, our presentation tomorrow, and Keith's questioning, it pushed me over the edge. I felt terrible right after I said it, but I knew it was too late to take it back. Keith just stood there a little shocked, his green eyes wide with astonishment, and then dropping, hurt. His arms fell to his sides in silence. The sparkle faded a bit from his downcast eyes."I'm sorry, Keith. I didn't mean that.""No, I think you did Kasey. And it's okay. You needed to say all those things and maybe you're right, I was pushing you pretty hard," he sighed and wiped his preteen shameless videos face with preteen erotic movies his shirt, I could see the hurt reading clearly on his face, "let's just change the subject. If you want to talk about it later when you've had time to think and you're tranny preteen pics ready, I'll be willing to listen."He managed a weak smile."Thanks, Keith," I replied, a bit ashamed of myself, my voice betraying a sense of guilt."So what are you doing this weekend?""I don't know, probably going to hang out with Z like usual and maybe Orion and Mikey, too."He shot me a funny look but dropped it quickly."What about those other two friends of yours? The quiet one with the lighter and the funny one that always wears that backwards cap?""Ross has some kind of volleyball camp this weekend so he's going to be busy, and James hasn't said anything about his plans but I'm pretty sure he's coming over Friday night as usual."Keith turned out preteen real porn to be very good at keeping the conversation topics away from Orion, and wild preteen pussies I was terrible at it. Every time he asked me about something, even if it was totally unrelated, I found some way to bring Orion into it. It wasn't surprising that there were a lot of awkward pauses, but we made it through the workout without any more arguments, which I viewed preteens 14 naughty as a success, considering the emotional load I was currently dealing with. I just couldn't keep my mind off of him, preteens star and although I hated to admit it, Keith's jokes were a little too close to the truth."In closing, the Cnidarians are an interesting phylum, who might lack a real digestive system, but are more than adept at catching themselves dinner. So the next time you see a jellyfish or an anemone, remember that they are from the phylum of the "stinging cells," Cnidaria.""9 minutes and 34 seconds," Orion said as he stopped the timer on my iPhone, "seems about perfect to me.""Yeah maybe now, but I just know when I get up there tomorrow I'm going to speak way faster. I have preteenz incest the worst stage fright.""Dude, don't worry," he put his arm on my shoulder reassuringly, "Okay, here I'll help you out. Just picture everyone out there in the audience. Even nn top50 preteen Medina Arculio with her wacky preteen modles forum litle preteen pussies hair.""You noticed too?""Focus.""Right, preteen videos download sorry."He gestured to my bed, since we were practicing our presentation in my room."Picture all of them, and they're all watching you give this amazing presentation-with me of course-and they all love it. They're paying really close attention, and they're so interested in all of those retarded things we looked up, even the reproductive cycle.""Okay, I'm picturing it. But you know they're not going to care at all when we actually present, right?""Hmm, that's true. Then why should you?" he grinned mischievously as he made his point clear. I hated it when he was right; he was tricking me like that all week, but it always made me take a different view of things. Kind of the way Keith does it with his metaphors, but Orion private preteen videos always lured me into some trick that made abercrombie preteen pics me realize my thinking was paradoxical. The nerve of that kid, I swear."You know that's not fair right, asshole?" I said playfully, catching his contagious smile."What's not fair?" he asked innocently as he reset the power point and shut down his computer."How you trick me like that! You make nubiles preteen thumbs me think you're agreeing with me, then BAM you're all like, 'see, you don't make sense.'""I'm pretty sure preteen photos beach I've never actually said that," he said, raising his eyebrow beneath his blonde bangs."Okay maybe not but it's still not fair," I responded, determined to get back at him somehow. A pillow was handy so I figured it would do.I nailed him in the head but he rolled gracefully back onto my bed, and sat there smiling so prettily it was damn near annoying."Close, but no cigar, my friend," he laughed, his warm tenor voice echoing through my room, titillating my insides.I grinned widely as I pounced onto my bed trying to put him in preteens sexy pic a headlock. We were squeals of laughter and a mess of arms and legs, as we slipped 12yr preteen models out of each other's arms rapidly, bouncing up and down on the bed. I would wrap my arms around his taut stomach, but he would slip away while grabbing me around the knee, prompting a tickling of my foot in his face before he finally managed to outmaneuver me and pin me to the bed, settling himself down on my chest, hands holding my own latina preteen photo down.There was a current connecting nymphets preteen ranking us, and it flowed like adrenaline, coursing through my body and his, a warm radiance that resembled the feeling of tasting sweet honey.Yeah, it was that good."Get off me!" I managed, between peals of laughter, which caused him to bounce up and down on my slightly muscled chest."Only if you best models preteen say 'thank you Orion for teaching me these great lessons that I would have never realized without your help and I will never, ever, ever complain about them again.""I can't remember all of that, it's too long," I told him pleadingly, hoping to win him over with my pouting emerald preteen goddesses com eyes."Fine, just say 'Orion is the best,'" he replied, flashing his sparkling pearly smile, proud of his control over me."Orion is the best. Now get off," I said, and quickly had to sit at the edge of my bed not only because I was out of breath, but because, I had, much to my dismay, started to feel something 'down there,' and I was afraid I knew why."So how did the presentation go?" Mikey asked Orion and I as we sauntered over to the pool deck, tired and sweaty from soccer practice."Pretty good, I think we'll get a decent grade on it at least," Orion said with a grin before cannonballing after James and Zeo into the water."Ms. Martin's tough, huh?" Mikey asked knowingly; he was preteen girls kissing in her third period class."A bit, but it was fine. Orion did most of the speaking anyway. I just stood there and tried to act like I knew what I was talking about," I said with a laugh."As long as it gets you a good grade," Mikey posited, approvingly as he stripped off his shirt and rectangular glasses, revealing his small, undeveloped body, complete with an outie bellybutton.We both dove into the water, and arose to a whole lot of splashing provided by the ever-mischievous Zeo. I dove under the water and managed to sprint quickly away from him, rnaked preteen girls my sinewy arms gliding through the cold water. It felt great; the perfect after-practice refresher. The splashing died down soon after, and we were able to just float around for a bit. I loved pushing off against the walls, feeling the rush of water as I cut through it, then resurfacing somewhere completely different, running my hands through my messy brown hair and preteensex free spraying the nearest victim with the runoff.Orion seemed to be enjoying himself; his thin body was lithe and balanced even underwater. His muscles were visible through his non-existent layer of fat, and I found myself using every excuse I could to make sure that it was real. His head would pop out the water in slow motion (in my eyes, at least), wet hair flying back as he raised his soft face out of the water, blinking the water out of his incredible blue eyes.I decided it was time preteen cp picks for some action so I dove fluidly into the water, resurfacing near him in the shallows while James, Ross, and Mikey took turns jumping off the diving board. I shot Orion an impish smirk as I hooked my foot around the back of his knee, sending him into a preteens tgp virgins backwards somersault, flailing under the water.He rose and forum sex preteen flashed me an evil grin, narrowing his eyes as they reflected the surface of the pool."Jerk.""I'm sorry, you just looked lady little preteen so peaceful...floating there and stuff. I couldn't resist," I splashed him with a small bit of water, feeling the surge in my sweeping hand."Oh is that so?" he remarked before jumping me, managing to slip behind me. Before I could turn to face him, I felt his taught arms sweep past my sides, his thin but strong dirty preteen porn legs wrap around mine, and preteen african nudism by the time we stopped, he had me in a full nelson."Sorry," he spoke directly into my ear, our breathing labored from the struggle, "I couldn't resist.""Real funny."He laughed, the warm tenor of his voice reverberating through his chest as it pressed into my back. I could feel the ridges of his abdominals as he inhaled and exhaled, the strength of his arms as they clinched mine. His wet hair was dripping onto my shoulders, warm droplets of Orion. My nose was overpowered by the sudden, new scent, more noticeable than the chlorine in the water: his smell. He was like warm cinnamon today, a spicy sort of sweet and it made my head forum preteen pantyhose swim so much I could barely focus, my breathing falling into rhythm with his defined chest.It was an incredible rush. I think they call it endorphins. Whatever. It felt good and I couldn't deny it.Suddenly the waves rocked around us as we were bombarded by three consecutive cannonballs.Zeo's head popped up like a cork, his long blonde hair flipping back, "hey bud, sorry to spoil your little moment over here but James and I are up for some chicken-fighting. And Mikey can't exactly hold himself up so...we're challenging you two."He jumped on James's sturdy shoulders before he even got a model preteens sex chance to wipe his face as he resurfaced. James gained his balance back quickly, though, and the pair stood ready.I shrugged my shoulders and turned to Orion, who was already grinning and lowering himself under the water; I climbed aboard the U.S.S. Jensen and we prepared for war.Zeo and I stared each other down as James and Orion slowly moved into position and waited for Mikey's "go." As soon as his voice echoed around the walls, we rushed at each other.I tried to grab Zeo's shoulders, but soon realized his height was a definite advantage. There was a lot of slapping boylove nude preteen as we both tried web nude preteen to exert a firm hold on the other, hands slipping off tanned, developing muscles, our bodies tight from the strain of exertion. Zeo was lean and toned, a stretched out version of myself; I had denser muscle, but he had a longer arm's reach.Orion was light on his feet under me as we danced around James, trying to find a good spot to strike. James's stock solid build, complemented by muscular arms gripping tight around Zeo's lanky thighs, however, allowed him to remain unmoved and he endured a multitude of shoves while we were constantly knocked back.The five of us laughed the entire time, and Zeo was finally able to get a hold of my left arm, which he used to bring both Orion and I crashing back into the water. James ran a few victory circles and Zeo thanked his 'fans' while Orion and I bowed to him in defeat before James jumped backward into the water, taking Zeo down off of his high horse.By the time we were ready to get out the pool, we were all exhausted from the combination of horseplay and practice, and more than banned preteen pedo ready for a steaming hot shower. Mikey toweled off first, rushing to xxx preteen tpg the upstairs bathroom past Mom, who was busy doing her thing in the kitchen. She smiled, but then looked a little puzzled as Orion and Zeo both flew by, racing preteen bulletin board for the downstairs shower."Don't feel like running today?" I ventured as I toweled off beside James, rubbing the wetness out of my tousled auburn hair as he simply wiped the water off his short, jet black hair, "you're usually the first one there.""Nah, well I kind of wanted to talk to you about something," he said, his voice almost low enough to match Keith's deep bass.James and Ross had entered puberty first; their voices changed before the rest of us, and while Ross's preteens gay was a clear baritone, James's had settled a bit lower, and added some rasp to it as well. I didn't think it matched his Asian genetics much, the voice departed from his almond-shaped eyes and nearly hairless body, but it did match his persona, that dark and troubled soul that hid in the quiet of conversation, only known to a select few."Sure, what's up?" I tried to sound upbeat, but inside I was worried. Mikey's issues were tame in comparison to preteen gold bbs the tribulations James experienced in his life, and if something was troubling him, it was definitely not a simple matter."It's my Dad. He wants me to visit him," his legal preteen girls eyes gazed over the surface of the pool, focusing on the dark grey clouds that were moving in steadily from the west, visible through the large glass wall of the complex."In jail?""Yeah. And I want to go. He has a lot of the answers I need and I don't think I can move on with my life, or settle all of this shit that's just been stuck inside me until I get them. I have to go, Kasey."He looked preteen art hot me dead square, locking me with brown eyes that had seen more than their share of evil. preteens nude russia I couldn't help but recall when those very same eyes were preteens gilrs showed nothing more than pure fear.James's dad was sent to prison three years ago for illegal drug trafficking and domestic violence, but as it wasn't the first time he was sentenced or convicted, he was going to be in there for the next four years as well. He had taken to selling marijuana and cocaine as an easy way to bring money in for the family, which is why James ended up living near the rest of us in the richer side of town. However, the drugs had preteen models cute adverse side effects and he ended up using more than he dealt, often coming home on a high, unaware of his actions and unreasonably violent and abusive at times as well.It was around that time that James started staying the night at Ross's place, to avoid his father's rampage. He tried to talk his mother into leaving him for the longest time, but her Japanese mindset found the idea too shameful, and she refused to part with him, even though he was causing her so much pain.After an extremely terrible month, in which several drug lords came knocking at the door, she realized that James was in more danger than just the abuse from his father, and fled, renting a small apartment 15 minutes or so from the old house, and finally reported her husband to the police.And now James wanted to visit the man who darkened the memories of his childhood and forced him out of his own home, the man who was supposed to be his protector, that turned into his nightmare come alive. The idea made me shudder, when I recalled his bruises and tears, the nights I biked over to Ross's to help him nurse James's injuries. He had to preteens bbs asian grow up so fast; we were only 12 and he was 11, all dealing with a problem way too big for any of us to tackle head on.So when he sounded so decisive, I had to take faith in the knowledge that he was much more mature than his age, that all of us were forced to develop our perspectives well enough that we could make the right choices. If this was something he thought he had to do, then I wasn't going to argue."Okay, so talking you out of going seems to be out of the question," I reasoned as I sat beside him at the edge of the pool, dangling my feet in the water."Yeah. But I do need something else from you.""Sure, man. You know I'm here for you," I said as sincerely as I could whilst wondering what I was getting myself into."Could you come with me tomorrow? I would ask Ross, but he's at his volleyball camp and you know as much as he does. I know it's a lot to ask but I need you there, man. Please."James usually didn't ask anyone for favors, so I knew that he needed me there more than he ever did before. I wasn't about to say no."Of course," I paused, "but I'm not going to lie. I'm kind of scared. Is your mom taking us?""No chance in hell, dude. If she found out I was going to visit him she wouldn't let me. So I'm not giving her the chance.""What if I asked my parents? They'd do anything for you and I know they'd be willing.""Yeah that's a good idea, at least we'll have adults with us. Do you think they'll be worried though?""For sure. They're as concerned for you as they are for me. Wait, I just thought of a better idea," I added as I saw our answer pull up in a black Toyota Tacoma."Hi, I'm here for a scheduled visit with Harold Yamamoto.""And you are?" the jail receptionist asked rudely as she smacked a tiny piece of red gum."James Yamamoto. His son.""Okay well I'll call a security guard to bring him out. You head over there to the visiting area and wait for him," she spoke to him as if speaking to a five-year-old, pointing to a dingy looking holding area enclosed in bars. A few bench-tables were set up in the preteens xxx 12 room, which was painted a dull green what I'm guessing was preteen nude tpg a century ago. The room reeked with the smell of filth; I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible."Wait!" she called out as the three of us turned to the nude fashion preteens ominous looking area, "who are you people?" she motioned towards Keith japan preteens boys and I with her painted claws."Uh, these are my friends. They're coming with me.""No they're not. They're staying right here. One visitor per inmate. It says right here in my handbook," she pointed a *****ly manicured nail at a heavy book laying on her desk."It's okay, preteen sexy foto I can handle it from here," James assured us."Alright, but if you need anything we'll be 'right here,'" I replied, mimicking the receptionist in hopes of lightening the dark mood.It didn't work.We watched helplessly as the guard keyed open the heavy lock of the visiting area, allowing James to slip inside, leaving us powerless to help him in any way. In the time it took Keith to rest a reassuring arm on my shoulder, James's father was at the other end of the cell, let in through a thick steel door bolted with a large padlock. The air smelled like a strange mixture of metal and mold, a sharp unfamiliarity for my nose that had grown accustomed to the welcome scents of my home and friends.Jail hadn't done much for Harold Yamamoto. His thick build, which once resembled an older, more mature version of James, had wasted away, his bones jutting out sharply at the joints. His thai young preteens facial hair grew 12yo preteens gallery scruffily, graying as well. The tattoos on his arms, which once made a bold, intimidating statement for his foes now looked like aged pieces of artwork, the canvas wrinkled and worn, the colors fading fast.When he finally spoke, his voice was husky and stressed, much unlike the commanding tone I remembered a few years back. He tried to look James in the eye, but his gaze faltered, shifting down in discomfort."Thanks for coming to see me, son."I could see that threw James back a little. His pictures preteen model father never referred to him preteen jailbait models as a son, and certainly never thanked him for anything. I could tell that James was as determined as ever to get the answers he sought, but I could tell he was expecting the visit to be more confrontational. He steadied himself before replying."I didn't come here to forgive you. And I definitely didn't come for a 'visit.' I'm here for answers."Harold paused for a moment. Then sighed."Okay. What do you want to know?""Why did you start selling drugs?"Another pause. Some reflection. A heavy, raspy breath."My friends were doing it. Your mom...your mom and I never planned to have you. It just happened. And I needed a way to make money. So I started selling. Small stuff at first, but I guess it caught up to me. Didn't your mom tell you all of this?""No, she won't tell me anything about you that I can't remember myself. I think she wants to forget, too.""Do cute erotic preteens you remember anything?" he preteen magic models asked, a small glint of hope crossing his face.James extinguished that spark immediately with one of the darkest expressions of emotion I ever remembered coming across his face. His eyes narrowed and lost their light, his eyebrows furrowed, and his mouth simply formed the words:"You hurt me.""James, I-""You hurt me. You hurt mom. And you didn't even care. You just ran right out, trying to hide. But they found you. And now you're here, where you can't hurt either of us. Mom still freaks out; some nights she cries. I can only hang out with my friends one night a week because she's scared to be home alone. You did this to did this to us. And I know they're going to let you preteen naturist link out eventually. So I just want you to know exactly what you did to us before you try anything else."Harold could only stare, dumbfounded, at his son who once cowered at his feet. What I knew and he didn't was that James wasn't that scared little boy any more. In the last few years I watched him grow into a man more mature than any of us, with a heavy burden of responsibility on his shoulders.James was forum lsmodels preteen finally able to find the courage to stand confidently against his father, something he had been waiting three years to do. I figured that's why he really wanted to come. He wanted answers, yes, but he really wanted to be able to get the truth his mother always withheld young skinny preteens from him: that turning to the wrong side of the law was a choice his father made preteen schoolgirl panties for himself, for selfish reasons.He sat there with resolute determination, a steely glare in his eye, his knuckles balled into powerful fists, keeping at bay the rage that vengeance stirred within."I just want to know one more thing. Are nude preteen boards you sorry?""For what?""For what you did. To me, to mom, to yourself. Are you sorry?""Well yeah, I guess. I just wanted to- ""Look, that's all I really wanted to know. But if you're not, then I'm out. Let me know when you actually feel guilty about what you did," he stood up abruptly, nearly knocking over the wooden chair that scooted loudly against the grimy tile. A guard moved forward to lead a silent Harold back to his cell, while the other opened the gate, releasing James back into freedom.He strode right out of the building, pausing only to mutter a soft "let's go," before swinging open the front door of the building. Keith and I followed quickly after sharing an equally confused glance."James what happened in there? I thought you wanted answers?""Yeah. And I didn't get the ones I was looking for.""What were you looking for?"He spun on the spot to face me head on, scaring me a bit with that same steely determination he channeled in the jail."An apology. Maybe. I don't know. Can we get in the car and talk about this later? Just being here creeps me out."He shot a pointed stare at one of the guard towers, upon which a man in uniform was equally outfitted with a large machine gun."Yeah, you're right. Let's go."I squeezed his shoulder reassuringly, trying to channel comfort through that gesture the way Keith and Z often did.We drove back to my house I preteen kinder pedo silence, something I was used to from James, but not from Keith. I was only able to guess at what was possibly going through my preteen facial movies brother's mind, and although we did get almost unbelievably close over the past few weeks, I still had no idea what thought might be swimming through his head. James typically kept his nude preteen kid thoughts to himself, but we usually knew what he was thinking; model preteenz his eyes gave away what he really felt about any subject matter we happened to be throwing around.Thus, when I asked him if he wanted to talk and he said no, I knew he really meant yes, he just didn't really know what to say. Ross was usually the only one able to get James to talk about what he was feeling, and he wasn't exactly at our disposal so I had to at least try.I asked again when we finally made it back to my house and sat on the stone table normally soaked with rain in the yard. The day was sparsely cloudy though, a rarity, so we took advantage of the occasional bursts of sunlight outside after hopping out of preteen fucked movie Keith's truck."Look, Kasey. I really want to tell you what's going on in my nonnude preteen upskirt head right now. I want to figure it out as much as you do. I just can't explain it. It feels like all of this shit is just crashing around in there and it's not making any sense."That was more than he ever said at once so I knew that he really meant it. I wanted to help him but I felt just as confused as he did. I didn't know what he was going through, what he needed to hear. I felt as powerless to help him as I did in that visiting room trying to make sense of his father and his past."James," Keith started gently as he leaned into the conversation, trying to tread lightly, "I think I know how you feel right now."He raised an eyebrow in response, but didn't object so Keith continued."See, ever since I nude preteen fatties was born, I thought my father had left me and my mom alone. That he didn't want me, so he walked out and left. As I started getting older, I saw all of my friends, and how happy they were with their fathers, and how much they cared for each other. I was jealous."I mean, I was like, what, Elementary school? And here these kids are, with dads who coach their little league teams, help them with their homework, cook them dinner. I was confused. I wondered why I of all people nonude oh preteen had to deal with the pain of living without a father. I didn't do anything wrong, and I definitely didn't ask for it."I was pissed. At a man I didn't even know because he took away the normal childhood I was supposed to have. You have preteen xxx pics a right to be mad, James. I was mad. It's understandable, and it's okay. But you have slut preteen pics to admit what you're feeling; you can't just keep it in. I tried for a really long time, but eventually it has to come out, you have to face that hatred inside of you and only then can you let it go. So preteen photography nude is that how you feel? Angry? At your dad?""Yeah, man. I don't know why I'm just so pissed!" The words were just flowing out now, "how could he to that to us? Didn't he care? I guess not but, why me? Why my dad? All I want is to have a normal preteen girls gallerys life, but he fucked that up for me and it sucks. It sucks, alright? That's how I feel. Shitty."The tears were pouring out almost as fast as his words were; he clenched his fists in rage and gritted his teeth as he finally came to terms with his deep-set anger. I never knew that he harbored so much pain in that stronghold of his. I wasn't used to seeing James like this."I know what you mean, man. That's exactly how I felt for so long. But eventually you have to realize you can't do anything about it, and preteen tpg videos the best way to deal with it is to let it go and move on."Keith put a reassuring hand on James's shoulder and radiated support through his deep green eyes."Maybe." He lifted his arm to wipe the tears that settled preteen rape tgp on his cheeks, "I'm a mess, man.""It'll take some time, but once you let go, it'll feel really good," Keith smiled warmly, accentuating his pronounced jawline. "Yeahh, thanks Keith.""No problem, James. Don't worry. It'll get better. I know it for a fact."He winked at me across the table as James dried off the last of his tears."So how did things go with James on Saturday?" Orion asked casually as he replaced some books in his locker.We were in-between periods, right after our Biology class that we had together before he had to go vannesa preteen model to the theater for acting. The halls were filled with the usual racket of high school chatter so our conversation was as private as any we could have had elsewhere. Teenagers don't care about anyone but themselves; I'm sure no one was listening."How did you know about that?""Ross told me in first period," he replied like it was the most obvious thing in the world, "he thought I was went with you guys since I slept over Friday so I told him about the show I went to with Mikey.""Right. How was that by the way?" I spun the lock to click in the combination for my locker, a bit down the hall from his."Amazing. But you're changing the subject," he pointed out with a grin as he leaned the back of his blonde head against the locker next to mine.I sighed"It's a long story. Even longer if I have to recount James's history."I tried to ignore his pleading sapphire eyes as I shut my locker door. I couldn't."Fine. I'll tell you.""Awesome," he nudged me with his shoulder, "when?""Dude, you know you can come over to my house whenever you want right? We're friends, remember?"He smiled happily, the corners of his mouth preteen candid feet tugging up with his cheeks."Cool. Tonight, then?""Now you get it," I laughed as we bumped fists and he turned down the hall to the theatre. "So James's dad is in jail because he abused him and his mom, and you guys helped him through all of that.""Sure did," Zeo grinned proudly in the darkness. I young preteen naturism could barely make out the glint of his teeth from the soft glow of my preteen model girls nightlight."That explains why he's always so quiet," Orion continued on his train of thought as we lay together on my bed. It was kind of a close fit but since it was so big, it wasn't all that much of a problem."Yeah, anyway, good night guys. Big day tomorrow, you know, school and all," Zeo called out from over Orion to my left. I'd never known my best friend to end a conversation early, I mean the boy loves to talk, but I just guessed he was tired. I still thought it was a little strange, though."Night," we both responded as I turned over and pulled the blanket up to my chin. Orion giggled a preteenporn tgp bit as it hit his face and Zeo shot us a weird look.It was the end to a fun but slightly awkward night. Orion was gradually taking up more and more preteen fashion forum of the time I spent with my friends, which meant that I was spending less time with Zeo. I was excited when they both came over, but I quickly figured out that something wasn't quite right. I couldn't put my finger on it exactly, I mean, they laughed and joked together, but there was just something missing. Maybe what I was noticing was normal, though, Orion couldn't be as close with Zeo as he was with Mikey. Still, there was something strange about having the two of them together, I was going preteen hymen jpg preteen homemade videos to have to watch out for that in the future.I was brought back from my thoughts by Zeo's heavy snoring and Orion's light fluttering. They were both sound asleep as far as I could tell, but my heart was beating at a million miles a minute; Orion's body heat was warming me to an unbearable point, and it wasn't so much the temperature as much as it was the fact that he was dirty preteen lying next to me, in my bed. Maybe there was more going on than I was willing to admit.I slowly pulled back the covers and lightly stepped onto the carpet of my room. Pausing outside Keith's room, I knocked softly.He pulled off his headphones when he saw me standing outside, his angels preteen pics gaze said it all: somehow he knew everything without actually knowing anything. It was time."We need to talk." That's all for chapter 5. I'm sorry it's been such a long time, guys. I've actually had this on my computer for about five months, I just didn't like it so I rewrote a bunch of parts before sending it in. Please email me at with your comments. The more emails, the more inspiration to write more and write faster so I'd love to hear from you. Happy holidays! nymph preteen
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